Serenity Hotels And Resorts This is a personal project, where we suggest a rebrand for SERENITY Hotels & Resorts. about the project SERENITY Hotels & Resorts deliver a premium experience for families, who are looking for more than just luxurious rooms, suites, or a big aqua park. Scope of the project Develop a brand strategy […]


Beesan Special heritage. Unique taste. Quality ingredients. BEESAN is an indonesian based brand founded to introduce the oriental Palestinian pastry. With a combination of inherited recipes and a touch of creativity, they create original oriental pastry with high quality ingredients that suit the region’s taste preferences. Sira Moon’s Mission Our mission was to help BEESAN […]

Awzer Smart

Awzer Smart about the project AWZER SMART offers evolved and customized home automation, security and electricity services with high standards for construction projects. Scope of the project Develop a brand strategy Readapt the visual identity Marketing assets Website Design & Development Challanges Building an internal strategy that aligns everything the company does Complete the visual […]

Walden Architect

Walden architect about the project Walden Architect is an architecture & Interior design agency. They take projects from the very beginning until the delivery of a complete project. Scope of the project Brand strategy development Brand identity system Brand collaterals creation Website creation Our Mission Sira Moon’s mission was to reposition Walden Architect in the […]